G-STAR Tedie Ultra High Straight RP Ankle Jeans

€ 99,95

Tedie Ultra High Straight RP Ankle Jeans


[We korten nog steeds gratis voor je in, ook digitaal!]


COLOR worn in xenon blue


This new blueprint based on the teddy girls. The forgotten girl gang in the 50s. The teddy girls combined masculine and feminine elements, they used their clothes to make a rebellions statement. This jean has a western look with masculine proportions, combined with a feminine ultra high waist.


Straight Fit

  • Standaard tailleband
  • Ultra high waist
  • Groffe achterzakken
  • Coin pocket onder de tailleband
  • Ruwe afwerking aan de onderkant- losgetrokken naden


[Je kan ook appen of bellen, dan brengen wij hem langs en betaal je achteraf!]